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Multi-ionizer For Water Purifier – Plesh08

Item #: PLESH10 Color: white
Sizes: 4.5*3*2.5 Weight: 5 ounces
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For Water Purifier

Arirangion Multi-Ionizer uses revolutionary technology to transform normal tap water into sanitizing* and cleaning water without any use of chemicals or electricity. You can easily install it to your current faucet and it lasts a life time without additional expenses.

When tap water passes through the magnetic field of the device, it becomes energized and ionized. With higher water temperature and faucet pressure, the water becomes even more energized and ionized. When water is ionized, the water molecules become smaller and its surface tension decreases, which increases its cleaning power enough to effectively lift off dust, oil, contaminants and oxidized materials on the nonporous hard surfaces.

Energized and polarized positive Hydrogen ion (H⁺) and negative Oxygen ion (O¯) in ionized water react with the protein structure of bacteria, making the bacteria inactive. Hydroxide (OH¯) negative ion has oxidizing power but it does not harm your body. Ionized water kills over 99.9%* of most non-tough, non aquatic harmful bacteria when used as directed. Hydronium (H3O+) positive ion has antioxidant and restoration power. It helps in recovering the oxidized area into its original glossy state. It cleanses the skin and is also very effective in dissolving rust or tarnish and washing pollutants off vegetables. It also helps remove rancid odor.

The energy of the ionized water stays active for about 37 hours according to the energy intensity test by PSY-TEK in U.S.

Direction of use

1. For Sanitizing: Spray fresh ionized water on nonporous hard surfaces for 10 seconds and then wipe the surface completely dry with a clean cloth to kill over 99.9% of most non-tough, non-aquatic harmful bacteria (E. coli , E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, VRE) . Use only freshest ionized water.
2. For Cleaning: Use fresh ionized water on nonporous hard surfaces such as stainless steels, glasses, coppers, ceramics, marbles etc as a general purpose cleaner (chemical free). To clean porous soft surfaces such as plastics, clothes, rubber etc, use only 20 % of normal usage of detergent for best cleaning results.
* To remove old or oily or stubborn dirt, a bit of detergent can be used with a soft brush and then spray ionized water.


1. Use only city tap water. Do not apply to other underground or recycled water because underground or recycled water may contain metals that can react differently with the device.
2. To remove old or stubborn dirt, use a small amount of soap or detergent and spray ionized water on it.
3. May cause color loss for your laundry due to variations in fabrics and dyes.
4. Use only fresh ionized water from faucet to clean.
5. Do not over tighten it to avoid damage during installation. Use your hands only to install it.
6. Leaking problem is due to the gap between faucet pipe and rubber washer in Multiionizer. In this case, you may add more rubber washers for closer contact.
7. Do not dismantle the device for product quality, efficacy and warranty coverage.
8. For washer, adding detergent(20 % of normal usage) is recommended for best cleaning result. Once it is rinsed with ionized water, the detergent will be completely washed off.
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